Monday, November 23, 2015

Identify an obscurantist Mullah in Bermuda!
--Sheeba Aslam Fehmi

Here is something common about the obscurantist Muslim Males of all ideological-geographical hue, irrespective of their Jeans-T_shirt, Chinos, Bermudas and numerous 'Likes' on porn pages. The moment they find themselves loosing a discussion with an opposite sex member and are no more in command of the situation, they would (invariably) start questioning your dress. All such jokers are good at culling out suitable verses of the holy text concerning piety and segregation i.e. Hijab. To them the word hijab does not mean the idea to segregate sexes in situations of close proximity, but a particular kind of cloth piece, or a particularly stitched cloak. 
Girls if you want to find out whether the bermuda-clad cool dude is really a cool guy, just initiate a discussion on a subject of your knowledge, if he really is a civilised person, will never jump to your attire and its relation with the hell fire, however weak his knowledge is about the subject of the discussion. 
The Mullah is not always in oriental headgear and flowing beard, their are many deceptive variants too.